Sex Offender Mentality

“Very good presentation; New-refreshing! I felt the information was focused on the victim! POWERFUL!”

“Above expectations, great/powerful/meaningful. Good information, victim centered, open perspective, eye opening! Thank you for all your work! This was the best presentation of the conference!”

“Excellent!! Powerful! Best sex offender presentation I have ever seen and I’ve been in this field for 13+ years!”

“So far, the best presenter! A 10 out of 10!”

“Best of the conference!”

“Gave so much information that I didn’t know about. Great presenter, great job!!”

“Very informative and enlightening!”

“I love Dave!”

Introduction to Trauma-informed Interview Principles-TiIPs

“It was an outstanding success that will pay dividends for a long time.”

Comments from a training coordinator:
“The first day at the first break, I walked by a table of officers and heard one say that he had 3 cases he wanted to redo. The evaluations were excellent. People wanted him to come back for more training. A Victim Witness Coordinator said it was the best one day training she had ever been to and she’s been in the field for decades.
Some evaluation comments were:
“Great presenter – effectively relayed training material and easily engaged the audience.”
“I can’t wait to go to more of his trainings.”
“Great day!”
“Didn’t think I could learn a lot more after 34 years of experience, boy was I wrong. Am going to change up a lot and learned so much from this presentation.”
I know I’ve said a lot here, but [TiIPs] changes the mind set about why victims respond as they do to trauma and not just sexual assault trauma. You could see people thinking, gears turning and revelations setting in. And our training was an Introduction to TiIPs. You can’t learn it in a day but people get a taste of it and want to get more. That was what I wanted to happen. My personal belief is that TiIPs should be taught in every law enforcement academy. If jurors and judges were trained on TiIPs, we would be seeing dramatic changes in verdicts. A victim’s trauma response makes sense once you’ve had TiIPs training. More importantly, the victim’s response that is now viewed as not being credible, becomes evidence that he/she IS credible.
Another aspect of this is that Dave addresses how the victims respond to TiIPs and that it is often cathartic for them. The method is gentle and at the victim’s pace. I could go on and on but I hope you can book him. It was well worth the cost and effort to bring him here. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had the resources.
–Cindy Koepsel, Rural SART/SVLL Coordinator, ACCESS-Iowa”

“One of the best trainings I have been to in years! Excellent! Thanks so much.”

“Great information and presentation! WoW!”

“Very informative.”

“I can’t wait to go to more of his trainings.”

“A day well spent–very knowledgeable speaker.”


“Thanks Dave, Good stuff!”

“Great presenter–effectively relayed training material and easily engaged the audience.”

“Excellent content and presentation! I would love to see more!”

“Great training!”

“Dave Markel was fantastic! Title IX and Criminal Justice Investigations session was fantastic!”

“I really got a lot of great information on conducting interviews of a victim. Excellent information.”

“Really enjoyed the trauma-informed investigation speaker. Best speaker of the day.”

“Overall an excellent first day and grateful to be included. All presenters were impressive in their expertise, clarity, and care. David Markel was awesome!”

“Thank you Dave Markel for your teaching and for your empathy and non-victim blaming approach to giving victims a voice, and the acknowledgement that you are ‘sorry for the terrible experiences’ that have caused trauma in these victims lives. Thank you!”

Participant at a California presentation:

“I wanted to reach out and genuinely thank you for that training. As a survivor I always worry that trainings are going to be poorly handled and upsetting, but the TiIPs training wasn’t at all. Thank you, also, for touching on tonic immobility. I had no idea that that existed and have blamed myself for years for freezing up during my assault. The information you provided to us/me has given me so much comfort and healing in the past few weeks. Thank you for everything you do. It means the world that there are people (especially men) who are so passionate about something that touches so many people but is rarely talked about openly.”